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A Public Service to the Iranian Community


  1. that the profession of journalism and free press are dead in the west.
    Capitalism has killed journalism as a profession. American reporters have become  instruments of big business, corpocracy, military-industrial complex and the government.
2.  that the free press in Iran is subject to certain limitations.
     Given the colonial and imperial intentions of the day, some such restrictions are to be expected inside of Iran.

As a grass root effort we have created PAYK.NET to facilitiate unfiltered dissimination of information about Iran and Iranians.

For example, read at Iran-News what you don't see at the American Fox or the pseudo-intellectual NPR.


Bani Adam

This poem is engraved at the entrance to the United Nations headquarters in New York. It is from Gulistan of Sa'di, the Iranian poet, written in 13th century.

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